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Can a villain survive in a Post-nuclear apocalypse? 

Version Log :

1.0.0 - Initial Mini Jam 13 Build

1.0.1 - Bug fixed build / Camera fixed build for Mini Jam 13.

Summary : Survive, Explore, and Collect for your survival as a once-lived villain faced against the truest enemy of them all, THE ATOMIC NUKE

How-to Play : You'll have 60 seconds to collect items around the local area. Collecting items lets you gain time and open up more areas. Over the following days, more areas also open up for discovery. Your goal is to survive until you have access to all the areas and to survive for as long as possible.. or until you're done playing.

Mini Jam 13 Details :

Theme : Villains

Limitation : No Heros?!?


  • Backstory / Lore Pre-game intro
  • Main Menu
  • Built-in Version Archives of the game.
  • Epic Music from freesound.org
  • 4 Areas to Explore! (As of v1.0.1)

In-game Items : 

1) Cola Stash - Adds 60 seconds to timer

2) Explosive Barrel - Instantly Kills You by Explosion

3) Collectable Box - Adds 5 seconds to timer

4) Cola 4 U Sign - Indicates a Cola 4 U Business with a Cola Stash


Villains' Survival Guide to Nuclear War - Mini Jam 13 v1.0.1 Build 367 MB

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