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Play as TeeJay Awesome through a Whole new RPG and try to stop Ivanos from becoming Dictator of America!

~ Notice : TeeJay RPG Plus has been tested and is not a virus! It may say it's not safe because I compressed it into 1 exe file, but it isn't a virus and is safe.

~ Notice 2 : TeeJay RPG Plus has 1 bug as of 11/3/2017 that causes the player to go invisible. Please for the time being, skip Chapter 6 to not get this bug. Fixed!

~ Update Log ~

TeeJay RPG v1.1 Notes - Questions have been changed in the Town Hall Scene, Enjoy! Also Fixed Typos. 

TeeJay RPG 2 is Completed! (4/1/17 Update) - TeeJay RPG 2 is Done! - April Fools 2017 Joke. Download Removed.

TeeJay RPG : TeeJay For President Update is OUT Featuring Gamejolt Trophies and A New Extra Storyline you can play out when you finish the main story! This Update is FREE OF CHARGE so Enjoy!

TeeJay RPG : TeeJay For President Update (Patch) - Had a weather bug that made you go into buildings with rain. FIXED with this update patch.

TeeJay RPG v1.4 Update - Credits Music changed to make it Copyright free.

TeeJay RPG : Mike Saves the Day DLC has been Confirmed and A Demo for it has been released!

TeeJay RPG : Mike Saves the Day DLC has been Released! More Updates will be added onto this DLC though such as new modes. Overall, the main elements are done and are ready to play regardless.

TeeJay RPG : MSTD DLC has been patched.

TeeJay RPG : MSTD DLC has been expanded to feature 2 endings in 1.2!

TeeJay RPG includes Gamejolt Support Again.

TeeJay RPG Plus Is a "Extension" to the original TeeJay RPG Storyline featuring tons of new story-based gameplay to the TeeJay RPG. For the status of TeeJay RPG 2 , that has been scraped for the time being. TeeJay RPG Plus will contain a update containing a new chapter each week. The full game will be free like usual.  Also Gamejolt support is gone due to us not really having a purpose for it. The Number of chapters planned is 11. TeeJay RPG Plus is currently finished / completed with the exception of a few bugs. Check @kimbrozack on twitter for updates.

TeeJay RPG Plus Now has a Installer and No Installer Build, Whatever your preference is!


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