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When Game Developers make a Game for Ludum Dare, Things go flawless, but does it go well for Drainor? Meet Drainor, the main character of the Game Developers' Game. Drainor was mean't to solve puzzles for their game until a very strange bug occurred where other robots were disappearing. Unfortunately for the Developers, They had very limited time on their hands and couldn't fix it. They went ahead and submitted the game. They would have no clue what would happen next... The Robot started to crave a unimaginable appetite for electricity and became a cannibalistic killing machine!

Ludum Dare Submission Page : https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/39/drainor


WASD: Move

LMB: Shoot

RMB or V: Shield



-Kill enemy spawners

-Then kill the boss


Drainor - Ludum Dare 39 Build 27 MB

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