-Made for Weekly Game Jam's 100th Week!-

It's Pong but you're against 100 pong balls instead of a Ai Player! What should you do? Defend against all of them with your paddle and try to make it to 100 and beyond!


Global - Shift - Toggle Music

Main Menu - Enter to Play

Game - Ctrl to Save, Esc to Return to Main Menu, Up and Down Arrow Keys to Play

Install instructions

Web - Press the Play Button

Win64 - Unzip and run nw.exe

Win32 - Unzip and run nw.exe

OSX64 - Unzip and run the executable

Linux64 - Unzip and run the executable


CenturyPong - Win64 - WGJ 100 Build 71 MB
CenturyPong - Win32 - WGJ 100 Build 137 MB
CenturyPong - OSX64 - WGJ 100 Build 82 MB
CenturyPong - Linux64 - WGJ 100 Build 73 MB


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Watch Weekly Game Jam 100 Feedback from MrJoshuaMcLean on www.twitch.tv

Cool idea! It was interesting when some of my poorly deflected bullets started interacting with the new bullets. The music fits well.

This is a neat game but I feel that getting your score reset with one miss is a bit harsh.  Sometimes bullets come out at the same time but far separated and it's impossible to get both.  The music is a bit loud but it is nice.


Thanks TaftPunk for playing, I felt like it was a bit harder to play when I playtested it myself but since I playtested later in the jam I had not enough time to reupload it with the fixes. I did upload a fix to add platform support, but I figure I can't add gameplay changes till the jam is done.

Cool game, though I didn't get much further than the point where the balls start coming in at different angles.

Sometimes the balls will spawn at the top right corner and then go backwards instead of towards the paddle.

The diagonal balls tend to start moving straight up/down after hitting the paddle instead of reflecting off.